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The best UCAT preparation course in the world. It’s a big claim, but we come through.

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Why 6med?

Rather than tell you ourselves (and let’s face it, it means much less coming from us!) we’ve asked some of our happy students about why they decided to trust us with their application.

6med One-Day UCAT Crash Courses

Our UCAT  Crash Courses have been running for the past 6 years. We started our courses as a reasonably priced option to a market controlled by big corporate giants, and they’ve grown more than we’d ever have expected!

Dates: May – July 2021


We’ll teach you super-effective strategies to use in each of the 5 UCAT sections, along with techniques to score highly.

The entire day is highly interactive and we’ll work through various practice questions throughout the course.

You’ll be given our 300-page UCAT Bible (workbook) which includes even more tips and questions to practice with – totally free.

6med UCAT Online Courses 

The Digital UCAT Masterclass is an online alternative to our, frankly incredible, Crash Courses. We get that not everyone has the time to attend a full-day course, so we made these to help you get prepared when it suits you.

Fully Online Course



This is a series of 60+ videos on each and every section of the UCAT. If you can’t attend a course, the Masterclass is your best best.

The UCAT Masterclass is over 7 hours long and will go into detail of the question types, answer formats and strategies you should use.

This Masterclass is designed and delivered by expert medics – you’ll have vital concepts explained in simple terms.

6med Online Platforms

We’ve created and honed online prep platforms for the UCAT and BMAT. We’ve packed them with all the content from our courses, combined with tips and strategies from high-scorers in each exam. 

Our UCAT Ninja™ platform will help you smash each section with 80+ comprehensive tutorials in the Training Temple. You won’t need to burn out practicing a billion questions, instead we offer 4,000+ super high quality practice questions, all with in-depth worked solutions in the Practice Dojo.

Reviews from Schools


Over the years, we’ve supported more than a few schools with preparing their medical applicants. As a result, we’ve had some lovely comments from Headteachers, which you can see below! If you’re interested in learning more about our school-based courses, please visit the Schools page.

“Thank you and your team again for your time and efforts, I thought the day was very well organised and professional. The students enjoyed the circuit greatly and appreciated both the style of the stations and the feedback, and found it all very useful. I am hopeful that we can do something similar again for the next cohort of applicants and that this training will result in many successful applicants this year.” – Mr Choy, Bancrofts High School.

“The course was extremely well run and the organisers most professional. The intensive course has prepared our students well for their BMAT exam and they were given a set of comprehensive paperwork at the end of the day.” – Dr Orchard, Talbot Heath School.

Reviews from Students


We’ve had extremely positive reviews from the thousands of students we’ve taught over the years. Please check out our Wall of ♥ to see hundreds of comments from them. If you’re more mathematically-minded, we’ve got some feedback stats below.

Average Course Rating

4.87 / 5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4,281 reviews

Average Tutor Rating

4.93 / 5
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

4,281 reviews

“Would you recommend us?”

100% YES

4,281 reviews

Our Team


6med was started by a bunch of medical students (just like you) from six different medical schools. Over the years, we’ve grown the team so we can help even more students. Today, we’ve got a huge (but still close) network of incredibly knowledgable and talented tutors who know the medical application process inside out.

Our Aims